facecar organizes professional conferences and salon nationwide regularly, focus on hot topics of intelligent automobile, autopilot, future travel and intelligent transportation, we gather industry elite to exchange inspirational ideas, capture market trend and prospective innovation solution, creating a perfect future travel experience

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Forum 1st @Shanghai facecar published "Telemetis User Scene Library Research Report", Which will provide a key driving force for future car experience innovation More

Forum 2nd @Beijing The event was highly attended and actively participated by industry players such as vehicle manufacturers, terminal equipment manufacturers, and information service providers. More

Forum 3rd @Shenzhen On April 21st, the facecar Shenzhen event was successfully held. The theme of this event was " Multi-platform car networking experience ", attracting more than 100 designers to participate in the discussion More

Forum 4th @Shanghai facecar releases report version 2.0 "Design Principles for Multi-screen Interactive Experience in cars" More

Forum 5th @Beijing Focus on telematics service experience, the Minister of intelligent department in Baic research institute, the telematics operation director in Borgward, facecar experience innovation director shared their insights and experience based on their own fields in this forum More

Forum 6th @Shanghai Geely, VM Motor, NIO, Banma, Onstar and other dozens of vehicle manufacturers, telematics content and service provider participated in this forum. It received highly appreciation and good feedbacks, hot topics and creative ideas were discussed More

Forum 7th @Shenzhen facecar telematics innovation forum was successfully organized at Shenzhen on March 30th, taken the theme of “Experience Drive Telematics Product Innovation”, this forum attracted hundreds of vehicle manufacturers, telematics service and content providers to participate in, discussed the experience innovation of intelligent automotive More

SmartCamp “facecar SmartCamp” is the school-enterprise cooperation program created by facecar, successfully started at Tsinghua University More

TC Automotive Internet Conference Recently, the world's largest international networking professional forum for car networking, the TC Automotive Internet Conference, was successfully concluded at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. facecar was invited to attend the event. More

Telematics@China The forum has always been concerned about the development hot spots of the Vehicular networking industry. It has invited more than 100 global well-known industry experts and more than a thousand car networking and Internet Industry representatives and elites attend the meeting. More

Chery Automotive Electronics Show As the leading provider of intelligent cockpit solutions in China, facecar was invited to attend the conference and shared facecar's latest technological achievements with industry experts. More

cockpit digital technology forum facecar shared how to use the characteristics of the automotive brand itself as the main line to refine the brand DNA, and how to provides automotive consumers with diversified, personalized products. facecar aslo explained the trends and innovative ideas of automotive HMI experience innovation. More

Auto Shanghai “facecar SmartCamp” is the school-enterprise cooperation program created by facecar, successfully started at Tsinghua University More


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