Design Consulting
HMI experience design

In the era of intelligent automotive, multi screen integration becomes an industry trend, we introduce the experience value into the design process of vehicle's HMI, and create an excellent interaction experience for users through experiencing design thinking tools.


Related Activity

AIWAYS Facecar combines with the AIWAYS to create the safe, intelligent and carefree driving experience of U5 ION. U5 ION leads the trend of technology driving cabin, applies user's unique life ID "gene lock", making the whole HMI more personalized and emotional.

SITECH The SITECH intelligent electric vehicle (DEV1) creates a special car experience for young fashion users. Facecar is based on the scene based experience research, provides a cool interactive experience design for the DEV1, and gives consideration to the systematic and extended innovation of intelligent driving and intelligent services.

Nissan Provide the whole process of experience consulting service for Dongfeng Nissan Kai Chen T70 /T70 SUV, through targeted market research and competitive analysis, we gained the domestic new SUV model user’s experience expectation and car interaction habits information data, we did deeply research and analysis of the SUV model segment, providing Nissan with pain point solving and emotional care intel...

Welmeister We did new concept explore for VM Motor intelligent automotive products concentrated on people, car and life cycle travel service, provided experience design and strategy support for 2018 mass production brand new electric vehicle on mobile terminal, wearable device and car terminal. The intelligent and emotional function planning and interaction design solution create a user-centered integration ...

Volkswagen facecar and Volkswagen have jointly completed in-vehicle HMI experience design innovation. By polishing the design of multiple intelligent interface terminals such as central control screens and dashboards, Volvo has helped car owners to achieve a safe, friendly, easy-to-use and enjoyable driving experience.

BAIC NE facecar and BAIC NE cooperated to jointly conduct HMI experience innovation research. In combination with the behavioral needs and interest points of Chinese car owners, we reshaped the product function structure and brand design theory of BAIC NE, and ultimately created a driving trend that leads the market.

BYD faceccar and domestic well-known automobile manufacturer BYD, from the needs of analysis to the Combine of information structure, from the concept of innovative exploration to the style of landing, jointly create a deep-rooted online platform experience.

Haima facecar provides a full-process HMI experience design consulting service for haima SUV, including user research, concept design, and UE design. It also refines the concept of “fashion, technology, and humanity” throughout the project and helps haima forming new brand value highlights.

ZOTYE AUTO facecar provides HMI experience design innovation for domestic well-known car brands ZOTYE AUTO, and mining the brand DNA elements which use in the car's smart interface to continuously deepen its brand influence.

Cadillac Through the user's demand interviews and scene investigations, we provided targeted interactive design and visual design solutions for the HMI of Cadillac brand, and formed a design specification that was extended to Cadillac's follow-up production models.

BAIC We provide experience innovation consulting services for baic senova, weiwang, JEEP HMI, by user research and brand concept exploration , And we redefined the three kinds of the interaction and visual design direction of the brand.

Hongqi Based on the research of users' psychological needs and behaviors of Hongqi H5, according to the characteristics of successful personages such as governors and business man, we made customized interface design and visual design plan for vehicle front and rear space, Beyond the HMI innovation, we also integrate Hongqi brand DNA and product design, car owners will feel the national brand honor ...


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