facecar creates double-screen interactive experience together with Hezhong New Energy

We introduce the experience value into the human-computer interface design of automobiles, and create benchmark HMI experience innovation cases for numerous well-known first-tier car enterprises. Meanwhile, we hope to bring this design thinking to traditional auto factories and new energy vehicle manufacturers.

Nezha U is equipped with the "transparent" A-pillar and vital sign monitoring system which is mass produced in the world, the unique small You intelligent robot at the same level and IME interactive breathing light, truly realizing the change of cars from mobility tools to emotional mobility partners. facecar is fortunate to conduct HMI experience innovation design for Nezha U.

At the earlier stage and base on the brand and modeling research, and the exploration of its style and concept, facecar designed the classic but stylish multifaceted geometry conceptual style combined with Nezha brand, and the voice image is also designed by combining with the mission image of Nezha. The classic style is processed in terms of texture, with composed and mature hue.

Nezha U HMI Experience Innovative Design

facecar created the double-screen interaction experience for Hezhong U by joining hands with Hezhong, and successfully launched it at the Automobile Exhibition. They take the voice housekeeper as the interactive center to conduct the emotional creativity, the transparent A-pillar design of the double curved screen, the integration, interaction and emotion recognition of small You intelligent robot to meet the split screen interaction operation of users in multi-scenarios, realize the humanized communication between humans and cars, and present users with a strong sense of visual immersion, which is visually inspired by the oblique variation of its brand DNA "V".

Nezha U


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