Design of intelligent and emotional human-computer interaction experience for Aiways U5

Aiways U5 is a new-era high-quality SUV created on the basis of the design philosophy of "minimalism, intelligence and beauty", presenting the powerful strength of the brand, suspended central control large-size screen design, aesthetic perception as well as the sense of science and technology. facecar integrates its emotional design inspiration into the interaction framework and visual shaping, and jointly creates a safe, intelligent and emotional U5 driving experience together with Aiways team.

Aiways U5 concept car HMI Design

We started with the senior management interview in the early stage, and constantly and deeply understand the brand DNA of Aiways to present users with a flatter and more efficient HMI strategy.

The overall design story points are derived from the smart brain and are applied throughout the whole design. We focus on many aspects, from the vehicle show on the Automobile Exhibition to the design for subsequent U5 mass produced model, HMI experience innovation design of central control instrument multifunctional panel, the whole design style and the processing of light and shadow, to create a composed and high-quality style, and improve the quality of whole products. The driving safety of users and operability are taken into consideration, and the comfortable operating area layout are used for the whole design of interface layout.

Aiways U5 HMI Experience Innovative Design Aiways U5 interface design Aiways U5 interface design

The design language of Aiways U5 is featured with simplicity, high grade and sense of the future, making it the most outstanding. The minimalism interior trimming integrated the functional aesthetics and spatial aesthetics transmits the temperature of the tranquil space, makes more people enjoy the benefits of intelligent technology, and changes the vehicle usage into a better all-around mobility experience.


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