facecar joins hands with Chery to create the most eye-catching black technology intelligent cockpit at Beijing International Automobile Exhibition

During the Beijing International Automobile Exhibition, flagship SUV products Tiggo 8, Ariza GX, LION intelligent cockpit and EXEED concept car were splendidly displayed on Chery Booth, attracting the attention of mainstream media, such as the Ministry of Science and Technology and CCTV, and global users. The concept car products from mass-produced models to explore the future, and the application and exploration of artificial intelligence black technologies of Chery are making it become a real leader of intelligent vehicle.

facecar team achieves a strategic cooperation with Chery, provides complete cockpit solutions, including modeling design, HMI design, and intelligent connected experience for Chery EXEED cockpits, and ensures holographic imaging, HUD, gesture control and other forward-looking technologies to develop personalized and diversified combining schemes based on users and brands, and to create the ecological system of integrated solution for intelligent cockpits.

Concept tank of Chery EXEED-Forward-looking technology

The intelligent cockpit of Chery chooses many advanced cockpit black technologies, including the embedded and suspended interaction interface in the air, AR HUD, intelligent voice, holographic image, eyeball tracking and face recognition etc., and these technologies can quickly refresh users' scenario cognition of daily navigation, payment, travel and entertainment, and bring users different degrees of surprise feeling.

The intelligent cockpit of EXEED has been a carrier of brand evolution, which successfully demonstrates the scientific and technological innovation strength of Chery.

The artificial intelligence has become an industrial trend, and has been pursued by global automobile manufacturers. Thus, the service combination of travel service scenarios, for example, exploring active services, and meeting users demands of navigation, social contact and LBS is not unique any more.

We apply the integrated scenario cockpit technology in the research and development process of Chery concept cockpit, and assist Chery to stand out from the numerous " subversive product competitors". This scheme allows experiencers to experience the high fluency and high integrity from getting in the car by face swiping, AR navigation, driving safety assistance, fatigue monitoring to smart home.

Concept tank of Chery EXEED

The appearance model is the beginning of all user experience, except for experience innovation and technology integration. Based on refining the brand DNA, the design elements with a sense of the future are extended to the whole process of EXEED concept car from experience innovation, technology implementation to model production. After half a year, the brand-new products marked with Chery intelligent strategy, and exploring the future road of high-end brand were amazingly demonstrated at Beijing International Automobile Exhibition.

facecar is fortunate to involve in the whole process of EXEED intelligent cockpit from appearance design to development model and production, and to assist EXEED to transmit its excellent brand philosophy at the large-scale international exhibitions. We will still join hands with our brand partners to create infinite possibilities in the future.


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