Design Consulting
Prospective User Research

facecar has hundreds of researchers and consultants, providing research service on intelligent automotive, AI, car sharing etc, the field, and based on the real analysis result gained from real scene, to help brands achieve innovation, continue exploring the best future travel experience solution


Related Activity

Baic We proceed from user experience, did comprehensive user needs and pain points analysis of Baic Senova, BAW Weiwang, Baic Jeep, and put forwarded more focused and emotional function planning and interaction design optimization solution, eventually make every intelligent technology in the cockpit satisfies different users’ operation habit and psychological needs, on the basis of safe driving

Mercedes Benz Mercedes Benz mobile platform is a one-stop platform for car selection, preview, test drive and car purchase. How to catch the personalized needs and the pain points in the car purchase process is the key of the innovation. Through the research of the target users and process combing, the overall interaction framework and process optimization plan are carried out

Volkswagen Focus on in-depth analysis of the young groups and business groups of SAIC Volkswagen in terms of consumption habits, preferences and driving pain point. Refining user needs and mission scenarios combined with the research and analysis of user behavior scene. According to the unique design style of telematics product in Chinese market, refined Chinese users’ HMI design preferences, to provide HMI ...


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