Design Consulting
Telematics Service Experience Design

Telematics technology has brought an extensive service space for car life, thus creating new business opportunities between products, brands and users. We introduce service experience design into the automotive industry, with a more prospective experience strategy, helping companies to identify user and brand interaction and find the service innovation space.


Related Activity

Onstar Based on the in-depth research of Chinese users, facecar provided users with the experience innovation that connecting people, car and life. Three styles of Mr. O image corresponded to GM's Chevrolet, Buick and Cadillac brand design styles, enhance the trust relationship between users and products, upgraded from the original "human-computer interaction" to "emotional interactio...

Volkswagen Starting from experience thinking, through the human-vehicle-life cycle scenarios combing and user behavior database analysis, we excavate user pain points and demand blind spots, and according to the horizontal and vertical contrast to Chinese style telematics products design styles, we refine Chinese users’ unique design preferences.

Nissan Provide the whole process of experience consulting service for Dongfeng Nissan Kai Chen T70 /T70 SUV, through targeted market research and competitive analysis, we gained the domestic new SUV model user’s experience expectation and car interaction habits information data, we did deeply research and analysis of the SUV model segment, providing Nissan with pain point solving and emotional care intel...

Geely As a multi-channel innovative product created by facecar and Geely, Geely telematics mobile service platform is a typical automotive mobile service experience platform. facecar is dedicated to solve the new challenges of automotive human-machine interaction arising from market changes, and effectively reconcile the diversity of the Internet and the personalized characteristics of user needs, and u...


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